Registered Dietitian Jennifer BolusJennifer Bolus, Integrative Registered Dietitian, Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Jennifer is an educator, leader and visionary with a passion for mind-body-soul health. She embraces conventional and ancient healing traditions equally recognizing they can all work together. She has worked for the last 8 years as a Registered Dietitian in the primary healthcare setting alongside teams of physicians, nurses, mental health counselors, and patients focusing on disease prevention and management (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, IBS, obesity); and almost just as much time learning and exploring traditional medicine, specifically energy healing which has been a cornerstone in her own healing journey. She is also a certified yoga teacher, meditation junkie, and life enthusiast.

Jennifer teaches and shares the message of Whole Health; how to nourish mind, body, and spirit to consciously create the health you desire and deserve by listening to and learning to work with your unique self. She meets you where you are, creating a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for self-exploration and developing self-awareness. To help you experience true health, healing, and walk with you as you awaken to your inner wisdom and wholeness is her honour and joy. Jennifer empowers and inspires others to take the leading role in creating vibrant health and happy, fulfilling lives through individual and group sessions. As a teacher/coach of self-healing and seeker, she continues to bring new insights and tools to her practice through continuing education, mentorship, and a deep commitment to her personal growth, self-care and healing journey.

Her Whole Health Motto:  ”Get the inside right, and the outside will fall into place.”

To contact Jennifer or to book a Whole Health Integrative Health session with her (MONDAYS) at In Fine Feather Yoga contact:

TW: @JenBolus


Get to the root of your health, digestion, and weight issues with an Integrative Nutrition assessment, which allows you to explore how and why your nutrition and lifestyle habits may be blocking you from thriving. Jennifer practices her unique blend of what she calls Whole Health, combining all the systems in which she has trained.

Ready to create Whole Health?

- release the weight – physically, mentally, emotionally
– finally make peace with your body and with food
– learn how to turn on your body’s natural self-healing abilities
– feel energized and squash fatigue
– find out what you’re really hungry or craving for
– end emotional eating
– ditch the dieting forever and learn a more joyful way to create health
– make self-care a priority
– tap into your inner wisdom and ‘inner doctor’
– zap the stress that’s weighing you down and get your ‘mojo’ back
– unleash your inner power, bolster your self-esteem, and live each day with passion!
– uncover what’s blocking you from vibrant health and elevate your life

Private Integrative Nutrition Coaching:

Transform your relationship with food, and transform your health. Expect to feel grounded, lighter, empowered and ready to create the health and life you want to live. Unleash the ‘doctor’ within!

Nutrition Counsel covered by most health insurance plans

*recent labs or bloodwork may be requested

Note: The information that you share in your Intake Form, lab reports, and the detailed history you provide are all confidential and will allow Jennifer to develop a comprehensive perspective on your unique combination of factors that predispose, trigger, and contribute to your symptoms of illness.

Energy Medicine:

Clear, charge, and rebalance your energy centers and energy field to enhance your body’s self-healing ability. Benefits include and are not limited to: boosting the immune system, relieving tension/anxiety, releasing stored mental/emotional energy, supporting and speed up healing process post injury/surgery, opening up awareness, intuition and personal insight into issues you may be experiencing. There is good reason modern medicine and science is now taking serious interest in this fascinating world. Energy healing sessions address all aspects of a person and are deeply healing, restorative and relaxing; a great option for self-care. If you are interested in learning an energy healing practice for self treatment and part of your own self-care practice, please let Jennifer know at the beginning of your session.

Jennifer began her studies in Reiki, is a Certified LifeForce Energy Healer with the Deborah King Center, and in her completion year to become a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. For more on Energy Medicine, click HERE.

Contact Jennifer about special rates available for Healing Touch sessions.