A Message from Kelley.

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In The Practice of Practice: A Note on Community This morning, I am sitting on the front porch of my little Hamilton home with a steaming cup of startlingly black coffee, a blanket wrapped around my body to ward off the morning chill, and a heart filled with gratitude. You see, I moved to Hamilton […]

A Message from Helena on Gratitude!

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This year has been one of incredible transformation for myself and the whole studio. When I have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the growth and development that has occurred all around me I am incredibly grateful to be witness to it all. On a day to day basis, it is very easy to […]

A Message from Kiah. The Important Thing Your Yoga Practice is Missing

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We hear this word all the time in yoga classes, but what does it actually mean? Mindfulness. In a literal sense, most people consider mindfulness to be a sort of state of being or may relate it to meditation. In the context of this article, I mean it in the physical sense. I’m talking about […]

Meet our Community Partner, The Doula Tree!

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At In Fine Feather Yoga we want to ensure that our students have the resources available to them to maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle on and off the mat. Throughout pregnancy women have more specific needs to guide them through this really transformative experience. We want to introduce you to The Doula Tree, one […]

A Testimonial from YTT Graduate Meaghan Bell!

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Everyone has a story about how they came to find and love the practice of yoga. Can you remember the first time you rolled out your mat? Can you remember how you felt, emotionally, physically and mentally before, during and after your first practice? Looking back on that journey, how has it changed? How have […]

Anyone Can Do Yoga, by Amy Gowling!

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For the last few months, I have been teaching chair yoga classes at In Fine Feather Yoga on Mondays and Thursdays at 12:00pm. I thought I would share some of my experience in teaching this class through what I have observed. June is Senior’s Month. Initially I was going to write about the exciting topic of fall […]

A Testimonial from our Recent Graduate and New Instructor, Meagan Santa!

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For the past nine months, anytime someone asked where I was or where I was going, my response was yoga. Whether it was filling my weekends with yoga teacher training, energy exchange, or taking classes, I was soaking up all the information I could, putting all the pieces of the yoga world together and growing […]

A Message from Community Member Reanna!

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My Journey with In Fine Feather Yoga! I can distinctly remember an experience I had as a child, asking a new kid at school “Hey do you want to be my friend?” and being totally stoked when that answer was “Sure, let’s hang out at recess!” The simplicity of making friends when you’re young is […]

A Student Testimonial from Kate!

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I have been practicing yoga for several years now and there is something about IFF that is really special to me. I love the feeling that I get after a busy, stressful day and coming to my mat to unwind and do something good for my body and soul. The studio has a real sense of community […]

A Message from Helena. The Time is Now.

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I feel like its been some time since I have been able to sit and write my thoughts. Which I think is a sign that this past year has flown by and so much has happened. Looking back so much has been achieved and accomplished, but while moving at this fast pace, so much else […]

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