A Message from Helena ‘Ambition is in our Blood’

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In Fine Feather Yoga was recently asked to be apart of a video for Hamilton Economic Development. The video has just been released and almost brought tears to my eyes. I was honoured that I was asked to be involved in the video and to be recognized as a small business owner in Hamilton. This video is […]

A Message From Helena. Milestone Moments.

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I truly can’t believe what an epic year this has been and will be for myself and In Fine Feather Yoga. I am blown away with how fast three years have gone. Since opening the studio I have experienced an insane amount of growth both personally and professionally. Opening the studio showed me my strengths, my determination and […]

A Message From Helena. Moment by Moment.

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Hello Fellow Yogis, It has been a while since I have connected with a written reflection and I can honestly say I have been on my own path to discover and journey to learn this summer. It is nice looking back now at the experiences I have had, how I have let them integrate and […]

Summer Festival and Outdoor Yoga Schedule!

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Meet the Markers on Ottawa Street Date: Saturday July 9th Time: Outdoor Yoga Class at 11:00am Location: Parkette on Ottawa St N. Cost: FREE This is a great opportunity for you to meet and interact with all the different Shop Owners on Ottawa Street. Not only will In Fine Feather be hosting a FREE Yoga […]

A Message from Shelley Gordon! Spring into Spring!

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Spring into Spring with a few simple changes. Spring is a time of change, a time of growth. One of my favourite quotes is shown above – “If you change nothing, nothing will change.” And the biggest reminder of that is the changing of the seasons. With winter ending and spring arriving comes longer days, fuller […]

A Message from Helena, My Mom Always Drove me to Dance Class

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Dedicated to every woman, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or friend who has guided and provided. Especially to my mother Lori. Mother’s Day is just a few days away and its got me reflecting on how much my mom has impacted my life. My mom has truly and honestly been a life line, saving grace and an […]

A Mid Month Message from Shelley Gordon

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Hello You! The clocks just went forward an hour. You can think of it as loosing an hour… or you can think of it as gaining an hour of sunlight every day. And sunlight does a body good. Sunlight is one of the many things I love about the In Fine Feather practice room. The huge […]

A Message from Helena.

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Back to my Mat. It continues to amaze me how the practice of yoga is always creating subtle shifts in my body and more so, awareness in my mind. I have hundreds, to thousands of hours on my mat as a student and as a teacher and I am still in love with the magic […]

A Message from Shelley Gordon

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The In Fine Feather Community, I love this place. I love teaching here. I love practicing here. I love all the people here. I love the light in here. I just love the In Fine Feather Community and am so thankful to Helena for creating such an inviting space for all of us to enjoy. […]

A Message From Helena

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Tis the Season The Christmas season is upon us, carols are on the radio, decorative, vibrant lights are going up and my secret santa has been drawn. These are some of the smaller things I enjoy about the season, but I am sure we have all at some point taken the holidays for granted and […]

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