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We Are Moving!

Holiday/Moving weekend schedule:

12:00- Yin/Yang
6:30- Intro to Flow

Closed all Day

10:00-Yoga in the Park
12:00- Cancelled

Closed All Day

Closed All Day

Wednesday September 3rd
GRAND OPENING & running on our regular schedule. Click Here to see Wednesday’s classes. Join us at 219 Ottawa St N. for our first day of classes in the new studio. A day to be remembered, a day to be celebrated!


In Fine Feather Yoga was established in 2012 by Helena McKinney as community based yoga organization, offering unique classes in the Hamilton area. Through the support and passion of the Hamilton community, In Fine Feather has grown into this beautiful yoga studio space on Ottawa St N; bringing the same energy, skilled instruction and yoga experience to a central location.  In Fine Feather Yoga truly believes in the benefits of the practice not only physically but mentally. People come to yoga for many different reasons, to relax, de-stress, to gain strength, flexibility or maybe to overcome an injury; In Fine Feather and the instructors hope that this space becomes one of great transformation so you can live your life from your true center, inspiring consciousness, stability, greater health and mindfulness.


New Studio Space &

A Message from Helena!

GOCelebrate with us in the Grand Re-Opening of In Fine Feather Yoga! We are relocating this September to 219 Ottawa St North and are excited to introduce more classes, services and whole health treatments in new our wellness room. As we approach our 1st anniversary, I am thrilled to be hosting it in this new space. I am already filled with so much gratitude to open up this new yoga home to each of you.

Throughout the month of August, follow the progress of the new studio on Facebook, Twitter @HelenasFineYoga and Instagram  @In_FineFeather #IFFGrandOpening

Find out more about our wellness room, massage therapy treatments and integrative health coaching. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for schedule updates and the grand opening party! Lots to be celebrated!

With love and compassion, 





Contact Us:

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
L8H 3Z4
E: infinefeatheryoga@gmail.com

T: @HelenasFineYoga
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