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In Fine Feather Yoga Studio was established in 2012 by Helena McKinney as community based yoga organization, offering unique classes in the Hamilton area. Through the support and passion of the Hamilton community, In Fine Feather has grown into this beautiful yoga studio space on Ottawa St N; bringing the same energy, skilled instruction and yoga experience to a central location.  In Fine Feather Yoga truly believes in the benefits of the practice not only physically but mentally. People come to yoga for many different reasons, to relax, de-stress, to gain strength, flexibility or maybe to overcome an injury; In Fine Feather and the instructors hope that this space becomes one of great transformation so you can live your life from your true centre, inspiring consciousness, stability, greater health and mindfulness.



*2 Months Unlimited $165.00
Available from July 1st-July7th.

*6 Month Unlimited $500.00
Available from July 1st-July7th.

*20 Class Pass $250.00
Available from July 1st-July7th.


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A Message from Helena
The Power of Intention

BlogJan1Summer is here and a new season always seems to inspire me for new growth and intention setting. Throughout my life and especially my yoga practice, I have set intentions and allowed them to manifest in my life. This process has been a very powerful tool for transformation and growth.

Setting intentions and writing an affirmation may also be known as creating a Sankulpa. A Sankulpa in sanskrit translates to intention. I first learned about this in my yoga teacher training. I wrote an affirmation down at the beginning of my teacher training and have returned to it and reflected on it multiple times since.

I found it was a powerful tool to keep me grounded, connected and inspired. Through the words, it gave my intentions infinite power. A power that is still the driving force behind much of what I do. My Sankupla never asked me to change who I was, just to look within and explore my souls true desires. My true desires, wishes and aspirations for life always rested within and repeated affirmation has brought them to life. I am able to embody, live and fulfill my ‘dharma’, my life purpose. How do you write a Sankulpa? Examine these questions below and answer them in just one phrase or word. When reading them, be in a quiet place of peace. Pause on each for as long as you need, stay relaxed and listen. Pay attention to what comes up. Even let these sit with you for a few days; reflect, write it down and if you feel inclined you can share it with me.

*What is your intention for how you want to live your life?
*What do you intend to create, accomplish, or change?
*Who are you?
*What are you seeking?
*How do you see your body?
*How do I hope to heal myself, my body?
*How do I want to feel everyday?

Deepak Chopra says Sankulpa…is like the seed structure of intelligence around which time, space, and matter consolidate into a manifested event. Through full consciousness, awareness and thoughtfulness you can manifest your own potential. There are so many great resources out there for awakening to your own consciousness, through film, books, authors, speakers, music, nature, documentaries and YOU! You can be your own teacher by being guided by your soul. If there has been something through your journey that has helped you, share it on our Facebook page HERE, Tweet us HERE, tag us in Instagram @in_finefeather! Things that have inspired me the most are the ones that other people shared.

I feel blessed everyday to share the In Fine Feather Yoga community with each of you! Thank you for infusing my intentions with life and meaning.

Love and Gratitude Always,



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