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In Fine Feather Yoga Studio was established in 2012 by Helena McKinney as community based yoga organization, offering unique classes in the Hamilton area. Through the support and passion of the Hamilton community, In Fine Feather has grown into this beautiful yoga studio space on Ottawa St N; bringing the same energy, skilled instruction and yoga experience to a central location.  In Fine Feather Yoga truly believes in the benefits of the practice not only physically but mentally. People come to yoga for many different reasons, to relax, de-stress, to gain strength, flexibility or maybe to overcome an injury; In Fine Feather and the instructors hope that this space becomes one of great transformation so you can live your life from your true centre, inspiring consciousness, stability, greater health and mindfulness.


Introducing our new instructor Natalie J!

1503980_10152204999918824_550271079_n-2We are beyond excited to introduce Nat J to In Fine Feather. For Natalie, yoga is the practice of living with awareness. She began practicing yoga in 2002. Inspired to share this practice with others, she went on to complete her 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training at De La Sol in 2009. Being a yoga teacher enables her to share the joy of yoga and the freedoms that it brings to ones body, mind and spirit allowing us to live a healthy life. Natalie is a firm believer in the holistic approaches to health care and is currently studying to become an Osteopath at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Classes taught by Natalie will combine her knowledge of yoga, functional anatomy and her passion for life.

Her first class is a Level 1/2 on Sunday February 8th from 4:00pm-5:15pm. This first class will be a community class, suggested donation of $5.00.




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