Asana50 Hours of Asana and Anatomy with Natalie

This 50Hr course will allow you to understand the mechanics and physiology of the body. You will learn about the musculoskeletal system and integrate this information for proper functional movement in our yoga poses. You will also learn how to spot these anatomical imbalances in your yoga students and help to assist and adjust these misalignments and compensation patterns. This helps to serve yourself and your students for a safer more aware practice.

September 9th & 10th
September 23rd & 24th
October 14th &15th
October 21st & 22nd
November 4th & 5th
Saturdays 1:30pm- 7:00pm
Sundays 1:30pm- 7:00pm

*Fees $800.00

To register online click SIGN UP HERE or for more information email